Miley Cyrus Eyes

Today we are going to talk about the Miley Cyrus Eyes. Before moving to our main focus i will must say that celebrities around the world keep a good check on their looks and presentation. But i usually don't find such qualities in Miley Cyrus. But in the current year one thing she did the best is her Dental TreatmentIf we look deeply about Miley Cyrus she don't have much appealing looks in herself, but on the other hand she is a celebrity and she is living in 21st century where she can groom herself and make some necessary surgeries and treatment very easily and she can even afford the expenses on these Surgeries and Medical treatment.

Now lets talk about her eyes. If we look at Miley Cyrus Eyes Close Up the very first thing which majority out of us will notice and say that would be Miley Cyrus Eyes Too Close Together. Now if she has these much close eyes then she can over come this flaw in her looks very easily and for this purpose she even don't need to go to any Doctor for a medical surgery or medical treatment. She simply need to keep such kind of eye makeup which give a little broad look to her too close together eyes. But she don't really care about this flaw in her personality that's why i will must say that Miley Cyrus Closed Eyes looks more better then her open eyes.

This critical post doesn't mean to hurt Miley Cyrus or her fans but we just mean that we all love her allot and she is our celebrity and in her world she has to look more better then she is and she easily can but its just a little negligence from her side or may be she cares and we perceived wrong about her.

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is not only one of the top singer in America but she is also a fashion icon in the fashion industry and going to become popular in the fashion industry in near future. People may think how she can be a fashion  icon then let me tel you some interesting facts about the Selena Gomez Style and Selena Gomez 2011 impacts on the fashion industry. First of all a survey report shown that Selena Gomez Hairstyles are getting very popular around U.S teen girls. Then Selena Gomez makeup is another attractive fact of her good looking personality and there are some rumors that she may even work for a cosmetic company in coming year as a brand ambassador or model for there specific cosmetic line.

What ever the future of Selena Gomez would be in the field of fashion industry at the closing of my post i will must encourage her work in the field of Music where she achieved the top in a very little age. Then her boyfriend is also with her to promote her work and being a great support to her yes i am talking about the hottest scandal of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber during the current year. Best of luck to both of them for their sparking bright future.

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is a kind of person who love to be renowned for her work, who like to be famous, who want to be one of the best celebrity in the line of celebrities but there are some entrusting facts about Rebecca Black which i found about her while publishing this post. Lets see my shared views and experience and then do let me know how much i am right about these facts and my experience.

Rebecca Black loves to be famous, renowned, on top and people love her. But there is an entrusting thing if you find for her images you will find very few of her images, most of the time images are repeated allot or you will find fake images that different people have created with their skills like Photoshop, Gif , and bla bla. So i thought about Rebecca Black that she may have camera fobia. Do she scare of camera? Because Rebecca Black is a celebrity people want to see her in different looks, styles and allot more.

But the real entrusting thing about Rebecca Black is her popularity. In a little age she got so much fame now doubt she is not famous like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez but i think she can reach to that point in very few years as she is excelling her popularity all over the world. People around the world want to see her, listen her and intrusted in getting details about Rebecca Black. So i wish Rebecca Black best of luck and pray that she get the success like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in little age.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a sign of beauty, attraction, magnetism and most importantly hotness. Kim Kardashian always been favorite to male gender all over the world and why males love to search about her we all understand this very well. But i will must say that, they are not wrong the attraction of hotness ends on Kim Kardashian. But there are some other news about this most famous celebrity on earth lets see what that are?

Kim Kardashian is at first a good singer, her voice quality and voice pitch is increadable. Then Kim Kardashian also worked for play-boy magazine. She remained on their title page and got the boost of her fame from that modeling. Then she had some nice videos with her boyfriend Reggie Bush and i think i need not to explain about those great videos of Kim Kardashian.

But at the end i will must discuss the other image of Kim Kardashian personality and that is her real beauty. I will must say makeup completes the women but Kim you are really free of it you carry or not, makeup don't matters for you. You have the structure, physic and natural beauty and your face is attractive and blessed with beautiful features so Kim Kardashian With Makeup or Kim Kardashian without makeup that really don't makes so much difference in your looks.

Hollywood Actor Stone Cold Profile,Images & Movies Posters 2011

 Stone Cold Profile
Name : Stone Cold Steve Austin aka The Rattlesnake
Real Name :  Steve Williams
Birthday : 18th December 1965
Height : 6 feet 2 inches (1.88m)
Weight : 253 pounds (115 kg)
Hometown : Victoria, Texas
Birth Place : Austin, Texas
Finishing Move : Stone Cold Stunner

Stone Cold Images:
Stone Cold
Stone Cold
Stone Cold
 Stone Cold
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Movies Posters:
 Stone Cold Movie Poster
 Stone Cold Movie Poster
 Stone Cold Movie Poster

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Jonas Armstrong Girlfriend
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